Reflections: Framing Christin Coy for Beloved California V

We’ve proudly represented Christin Coy for more than a decade, and have been honored to include her work in our annual all-gallery show Beloved California all five years we’ve held it. The deep feeling with which Christin paints Marin County’s distinctive hills, ranches, and waterscapes has made her reflections of the landscape nearly as much a part of the life of Marin as her subject matter is. Speaking of reflections, Christin’s new works for Beloved California V are all waterscapes in which the element of aquatic reflection further heightens her mastery of Marin’s light and color.

Christin’s sensitive handling of the forms of the Marin landscape always offers plenty of suggestive material for the forms to set her canvases in—the frames reflecting those forms, if you will—and invariably makes her paintings a pleasure to frame.

With Beloved California V now on display, we can’t help, as we reflect back in this milestone year, noticing how each year the show has felt more poignant and the work Christin and all these artists do more significant—a fact that reflects Californians’ growing love and concern for the welfare of our place on the sacred Earth.

Christin Coy painting

Christin Coy, “Bolinas Lagoon Reflections” (oil on canvas, 8″ x 16″). Walnut frame, 3″ wide, with gilt slip.


Christin Coy paiting, "August Evening"

Christin Coy, “August Evening, West Marin, Tomales Bay”, oil on canvas, 21″ x 13″. Quartersawn white oak frame with Dark Medieval stain; simple cove with carved cushion outside element and carved and parcel gilt sight edge.


Christin Coy painting, "Bolinas Lagoon Sunset"

Christin Coy, “Bolinas Lagoon Sunset,” oil on panel, 6″ x 6″. Flat 1-3/4″ quartersawn white oak frame in Dark Medieval oak stain, with parcel gilt carved cushion sight edge.

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