Framing Carol Peek for Beloved California V

Carol Peek is represented in Beloved California V with three paintings, including this new one, “Season of Gold.” We framed it in a simple 2″ cushion, our No. 440, with a gilt slip. The quartersawn white oak frame mimics the rolling Marin hills.

Carol Peek painting

Carol Peek
“Season of Gold”
Oil on canvas panel, 6″ x 8″. $1,200 framed.

Although Carol Peek has only been with The Holton Studio Gallery since we moved to Berkeley four years ago, she has been winning the hearts of Bay Area collectors and residents for decades. I owe it to North Point Gallery for my introduction to Carol’s work. Alfred Harrison, owner of that esteemed venue, had the sharp eye and wisdom to represent this extraordinary talent. I was flattered that for one of her shows at North Point she asked me to frame several paintings.

As it happens, Alfred just published a collection of writings, An Attack of the Heart, with a wonderful essay on the painter, not to mention two of Carol’s beautiful paintings on the cover (below). The essay is a tribute primarily to Carol but also to the whole revival of landscape painting of which she is an exemplary member. Alfred Harrison’s essay opens,

Book, Attack of the HeartI always used to look forward to Carol Peek exhibitions at The North Point Gallery. The walls came alive with views of California scenery depicted at all seasons of the year. There were paintings of green springtime meadows seen through a gauzy layer of fog and hillsides cast in the rich ochre tints of the dry season. Animal paintings were a big feature of each show, with sheep, cows and horses grazing in pastures or standing mutely in barnyard settings.

Occasionally a visitor would confess that he or she disliked “cow paintings” and, as often as not, would go ahead and buy one of Carol’s anyway. Carol’s cows are no ordinary animals. They are transformed by her knowledge and inspiration into beautiful objects that harmonize with the background landscape and sky. Other visitors found themselves perplexed at liking the paintings at all, whether or not they have cows in them. “I’m not supposed to like this kind of art!” they would exclaim.

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(Sadly, North Point Gallery is closing. We’ve greatly enjoyed a long and happy affiliation with them, and will dearly miss the gallery. Be sure to check out their closing sale. To purchase the book, contact North Point Gallery.)

Other works by Carol Peek in Beloved California V—

Carol Peek
Oil, 8″ x 10″. $1,350 framed.

Carol Peek
“Her Eyes on Mom.”
Oil, 8″ x 10″. $1,350 framed.

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