Framing Bonnie Marris

One the most talented American wildlife painters working today is Bonnie Marris. Not long ago we had an opportunity to frame this large (48″ x 36″) oil painting by her, showing a puma in winter. The frame is a carved compound mitered frame in stained quartersawn white oak, and is about 7″ wide, including the liner. The aim was to sustain the rough rock and ice surfaces and the dark cave from which the animal seems to be emerging. The slope form, which we often use to enhance the perspective in landscapes with deep fields of vision is used in this case to enhance the sense of the cat’s movement toward the viewer.  The liner is quartersawn oak with white gold leaf, and echoes the soft forms of the snow.

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Bonnie Marris, untitled (puma in winter), n.d. Oil on canvas, 48″ x 36.


Corner detail of hand carved quartersawn white oak compound frame with liner in white gold leaf.


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