Framing Another Gene Kloss Etching

A year ago I posted a lovely 1930’s landscape etching Gene Kloss etchingby Berkeley printmaker Gene Kloss (1903-1996), called “Desert Clouds” (at right). Here’s another one by her, below. Titled “Arid Land,” it’s about 6″ x 11″. The mitered walnut frame is 1/2″ wide on the top and bottom and 5/8″ wide on the sides, the difference in profile widths being in keeping with the elongated proportions suited to the subject of a vast desert. The artist used fine, long horizontal lines for shading. The use of these lines in the upper corners to frame the scene was an obvious cue for the frame, and suggested the fine carved flutes at the corners and centers. Otherwise it’s a completely plain No. 1 frame. We did add a 1/8″ white gold slip to be sure it gets due respect. Trevor Davis made this one.Gene Kloss etching

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