Framing Alan Tuttle’s “Flower”

Mentioned in my last post how much I was enjoying working with linseed oil paints. Delaware artist Alan Tuttle gave me a good excuse to use them with this painting of his “red-headed friend,” the subject of “Flower.” The compound mitered frame Eric Johnson made is 3-5/8″ wide, in walnut finished with linseed oil and wax. Double reeds on the cap molding and at the sight edge echo the lines and forms of the bundled yarn. The 1/2″ wide ovolo liner, which also has a bead at the sight edge, is where I got to use my linseed oil paint.Alan Tuttle pastel, "Flower"

Alan Tuttle pastel, "Flower"Alan’s backstory for this 30″ x 23″ pastel: “I met flower in Varanasi, India. She was a laborer but I saw her as a runway model. She only briefly made eye contact from a distance accompanied by a pleasant smile and then she was gone.”

I still love the waterfall painting we framed for Alan several years ago, and which I posted about here.













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