Framing a Millard Sheets Watercolor

Another wonderful California watercolor, this one by Millard Sheets: “Boats of Noyo,” 1974, 22″ x 30″. The bold and colorful watercolor has all the presence of an oil painting, warranting our framing it close (an 8-ply gasket mat and lined rabbet, along with Museum Glass, keep it archival). The spirit of the painting demanded a simple profile. The quartersawn oak frame is a 3-1/4″ wide flattened cove to echo the forms of the boats and soft trees and hills. Flattened form suits both the shallow perspective and artist’s approach which is less illusionistic than it is a decorative treatment of the paper as a flat surface. Gilt oak liner.

The view of a thriving craft, and in a beautiful natural setting, sure speaks to me!

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2 thoughts on “Framing a Millard Sheets Watercolor

  1. Nicely done Tim. Do you own the painting or is it a client’s? I always love seeing my Father’s artworks and will add this one to my library of his paintings. have you considered doing a giclee of the painting? Best, Tony Sheets

  2. Thank you, Tony. I appreciate the compliment—especially coming from the artist’s son! No, the painting isn’t mine; I framed it for a customer, whose mother, if memory serves, bought it from your father at his studio!

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