Everyday Framing

We’re excited to announce a new, specially priced offering called “Everyday Framing.”

The Everyday Framing display in our showroom

Many of the things folks most commonly want to frame are highly significant to them but really only call for the simplest, most economical framing. Such pieces might be small works on paper, or personal items such as family photos, certificates, childrens’ work, odd mementos—call them “everyday” items. One of the great virtues of making frames the way we do is that, because we’re relying first of all on solid natural materials and good workmanship, the frame can be as simple as you like and still be beautiful—perfect for those pieces that you love enough to want to hang up where you’ll see them every day. And simple as such jobs are, and because they don’t take us much time to design or set up for, we’ve figured out how to significantly reduce the prices on them—even when they have a little bit of hand carving, like the frame on this Tia Kratter watercolor, below. Okay—it’s obviously not only “everyday” items that our discounted “Everyday Framing” can be used on!

Learn more on the new page, “Everyday Framing.”

No. 1 Simple Carved Corner—1/2″ on watercolor by Tia Kratter


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