David Goines-Alice Waters Recipes Suitable for Framing

Several months ago we came into a set of the beautiful woodcuts that the late graphic artist and printer David Lance Goines produced around 1970 illustrating recipes by his one-time girlfriend and famed chef Alice Waters of Chez Panisse. The complete folio is titled “Thirty Recipes Suitable for Framing,” and our set included all but one. (The missing one, sadly, was “Chocolate Mousse”!). We’ve sold several, but still have 22, offered for $90 each.

They’re not only suitable for framing but also, being smaller than 16″ x 20″, are suitable for Everyday Framing—our simple, discounted approach. Or do something more special, like we did with “Poppyseed Stuffing,” below, framed in a No. 16 CV in walnut with painted sight edge. (A customer brought us the one below a while back; we have another of these in our set.) Or pull out the stops completely as we did with “Cherries Jubilee.”

If you can’t swing by the shop to have a look, feel free to call or email us and we can send you a list of the prints, as well as images of them and framing suggestions.




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