Celebrating our First Anniversary in Berkeley! Pictures from Last Summer’s BIG MOVE

One year ago this month we took possession of our new West Berkeley home. I was far too busy at the time to blog about the move, so I’m taking a few minutes to reflect on what can only be described as a miraculous effort on the part of this absolutely wonderful team—and to say publicly THANK YOU!!!

The dream team that made the move possible, having a well-deserved beer just before the grand opening. Left to right: Eric Johnson, Juan Lopez, Trevor Davis, Sam Edie (behind Trevor), Melchore Mendiola, Tim Holton, Joe Pieri, Jessie Dunn-Gilbert, and Karen Gorman. Not in the picture, but deserving credit: Stephanie McCoy (who took the picture), Jeff Lena, Carlos Reyes, Howard Ingram, Kevin Brown, and Cesar.

The move and build-out—

Thanks to Sam and Jessie for all the great pictures!





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