A Kobe Leaf Frame for an Ohara Koson Woodblock

As part of the modern Japanese print movement known as shin hanga, Ohara Koson is not as well known as Hiroshi Yoshida or Kawase Hasui. I for one couldn’t tell you why—and I can’t get enough of those other two guys. Certainly in subject-matter, he was an unsurpassed master of wildlife. But for composition and technique as well he’s as impressive as any of his peers. So it was an honor to have the opportunity to frame this lovely example of Koson’s impossibly subtle and delicate work.

The woodblock print is about 13″ x 11″. Because there is almost no margin, we floated the sheet in the opening of an 8-ply mat, which is a very pale green. The 5/8″-wide walnut frame is like our kobe corner frame, but I modified the corner shape by carving a leaf pattern taken from the print and painted the leaves green. I’m calling this style frame the Kobe Leaf. Scroll down to see a few process photos as well as corner samples of two other Kobe Leaf designs.

A few process photos—



Another Koson—

Here’s another Ohara Koson print we frame a little while back. This is a kobe corner frame with proud splines. The frame is walnut with black wash.Ohara Koson print

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