Henry Evans block prints

Henry Evans (1918-1990) was a San Francisco Bay Area artist and printmaker known for his minimalist style botanical images. In 1949 he established the Peregrine Press in San Francisco where he began making books and prints for local Bay Area artists. To better understand the process of block printing, he began to cut his own linoleum block prints and drew inspiration for his images from the flora of northern California. His images of living plants were drawn directly onto the linoleum block, depicting them life-size. His wife, Marsha, did most of the printing and worked to put together shows and gallery exhibitions. Henry Evans’s prints were shown across the U.S. and internationally and he had over 250 solo exhibitions. His prints can be found in the collections of the Library of Congress in Washington D.C., the Albertina in Vienna, Austria, and the New York Public Library, to name a few. During his 31 years as an artist and printmaker, Evans created over 1,400 images. Each image was produced as a limited edition and the linoleum block was destroyed after the edition was complete. Below are a selection of his original prints from 1985-86, each printed on 13″ x 20″ paper, available from Holton Studio. More information on Henry Evans can be found here.

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