Yoshiko Yamamoto Block Prints


Yoshiko with her kids

Yoshiko Yamamoto, along with her husband Bruce Smith, runs the Arts and Crafts Press and is one of the leading American artists working in the traditional Japanese block print medium today. Yoshiko explains her craft this way:

“I love working in the tradition of block printing that once flourished in my home country of Japan. I especially respect the belief that artwork should be based on sound craftsmanship, a creed that I have found reflected in the Arts and Crafts movement here in America, the other powerful influence on my work.

“But yet, it is the Japanese sense of spontaneity that I keep returning to, the idea that a work of art should capture a moment caught in time, a moment that holds the essence of why we live, whether it is in the rising grandeur of Mt. Rainier, or the fragility of a spider’s web spun across a branch of a tree.”

Yoshiko carving a linoleum block

Yoshiko carving a linoleum block

Editions are small and each print is numbered and signed in pencil.

We love framing Yoshiko’s work, and it’s with great pleasure that we offer it to you. Displayed below are prints all framed and in stock, as well as prints available on order, either sold separately or to be framed.

Yoshiko’s prints may be purchased on her site.

Framing Yoshiko’s Work

View an archive of examples of how we’ve framed Yoshiko’s prints, and a discussion of how we approach them.


Available Framed Prints—

Framed prints shown below are in stock in our Gallery unless otherwise marked “sold”. All framing is archival, with u.v.-filtering glass and rag mats (prints framed close have gasket mats and lined rabbets).

Available Unframed Prints—

The unframed prints shown below are in stock in the Gallery and ready to be framed. Please call or email us for more information.

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