Robert Flanary: Seeing All Together

February 4 through March 11, 2023

An opening reception for the artist took place
Saturday, February 4th

We are very excited to present this exhibit of recent landscape paintings by Robert Flanary.

In the nearly quarter century that we’ve been representing Robert, we have witnessed many a gallery visitor standing entranced before a painting that is at once a compelling abstract composition, a precise observation of nature, and a painted surface mesmerizing the attentive viewer as it slowly reveals itself. But perhaps what captivates viewers most of all is Robert’s extraordinary feeling for atmosphere, and the powerful moods he conveys with that element.

The artist’s latest paintings demonstrate an especially heightened attention to composition, exploring the interplay of a picture’s parts and elements that, in practiced hands, lead to that transcendent vision and experience of the harmony of nature and the unity of being—the vision the artist calls “seeing all together.”

Robert Flanary painting

Robert Flanary, “Outcropping,” 2022. Oil on canvas, 20″ x 24″. SOLD

The Paintings—

The entire exhibition may be viewed below, or on our online store here…  Prices on pictures that are framed include frames. Most paintings are available unframed or framed to your own specifications. All paintings are offered subject to prior sale.

For inquiries, please call or email us: 510/450-0350,