The Poetic Landscape: New Paintings by Paul Roehl

October 1 through October 31, 2020

~ Online and in-person by appointment ~

A couple of months ago, in the middle of the shut-down, Paul Roehl came by with an astonishing batch of new work and we quickly realized that a show had fallen in our laps. Furthermore, the times being what they are, Paul’s deep love for the California landscape seemed to speak to us more poignantly than ever.

Most of the paintings are framed in our handcrafted hardwood frames, but given the fairly spontaneous nature of the show combined with the fact that it will be largely seen online, some are presented ready-to-frame.

The entire show may be viewed below. The gallery is open by appointment Tuesday through Saturday and we are still limiting visitors to three at a time. (Private appointments are available on request.) If you aren’t local or aren’t comfortable visiting in person, we are happy to send you additional photos or information. Call or email us: 510/450-0350, The paintings are also available to purchase online.



Artist Statement—

My work is about the aesthetic experience, primarily the experience of beauty, and I have turned to nature and landscape as the fundamental vehicles for such an exploration. What I attempt to present in my paintings is nature and its beauty without the least bit of sentimentality or irony. I try to create images that communicate the stark reality and deep mystery that permeates our experience of the natural world mediated by a gentleness of light and calm that reconciles us to that same experience. I paint images in which the low light of evening communicates this compelling mystery and calm; light invites the viewer into a moment of reflection and contemplation through the beauty of a reality indicated but not directly depicted. I create works that are not simply pictures but rather meditations on our need and ability to perceive and find peace in the wonderful strangeness of being. —Paul Roehl

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Paul Roehl discussing his work—

The Paintings—