Outside Hours

Landscape Paintings by Four
Northern California Animation Artists

  Sharon Calahan painting

After a successful run at Holton Studio Gallery in December 2010, and at North Point Gallery in San Francisco in February 2011, the work (what’s still available) is now back at the Gallery. We hope you’ll come see it!

Don’t miss the feature article on the show in the upcoming issue of Plein Air Magazine!

About the show

Over the past several years I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know some of the enormously talented artists working in a major animation studio here in Emeryville. We’ve brought four of them together at the Gallery for a show of work done during “outside hours” — time outside of their professional art careers, pursuing their own pictorial passions out-of-doors, capturing directly the life and light of the region. You’ve probably enjoyed these brilliant artists’ work in the theaters. Here’s a chance to gain a new appreciation for the extraordinary talent behind their impressive film accomplishments.