Little Windows


June 18 to July 18, 2020
available to see in person by appointment!

Featuring new and recent work by

Bill Cone, Christin Coy, Mark Farina, Robert Flanary, Ellen Howard, Paul Kratter, Tia Kratter, Jane Kriss, Richard Lindenberg, Kim Lordier, James McGrew, Terry Miura, Robin Moore, Ernesto Nemesio, Carol Peek, Davis Perkins, Paul Roehl, Barbara Tapp, and Erik Tiemens.

For inquiries, please call or email us: 510/450-0350,

Little Windows

A few months ago, our worlds suddenly became more personal—smaller and more intimate. Our attention narrowed in on our own lives and those closest to us, and on our homes. As the number of things we were compelled to attend to was reduced, our thoughts could at last slow down. And at last we could attend to matters more thoughtfully—and to those matters that matter most.

Terry Miura painting

And as we spent more time staring out our windows, we noticed, in spite of the world’s brokenness, the refreshingly clear air of this spring—the spring of 2020. And our eyes became clearer too, noticing things they had never noticed before.

And seeing more clearly, we began to see our broken world with the loving, unifying eye of the painter. Through those windows, our eyes were met with sharp and varied detail as well as the broad composition, the true unity of things—the whole that is still insistently there before us. And seeing more clearly what is, we naturally began to compose for ourselves what might be.

And we remembered what our windows are for: they let in the light of the sun (and the moon) and fresh air so we can breathe; and let out and let grow the light of the human spirit.

Odd thing about windows: it’s insignificant if they are little or large, they let us see the immeasurable beauty of the places where we are. Little or large, our windows let us see out of our present limits and begin to imagine how we will re-join our beautiful world.

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