No. 2.1


WIDTHS: Available in any width.
WOODS: Available in any wood.

No. 2.1

No. 2.1 — Available in any width and any wood. Shown at 3″ and 1″, in stained quartersawn white oak

Framed Examples—

No. 2.1—3" on watercolo

No. 2.1—3″ on watercolor by Marjorie Stevens (California, 1902-1992), “Gold Hill, Nevadan” n.d. 15” x 21-1⁄2″. More about this piece…

No. 2.1—2-3/4" on painting

No. 2.1—2-3/4″ on painting by Paul Kratter, “Going Down the Road,” 2009. Oil on canvas, 8″ x 14”.