No. 1


Where it all starts—a simple, flat mitered frame in beautiful wood, beautifully crafted. (Formerly known as No. 5001.)

WIDTHS: Available in any width.
WOODS: Available in any wood.

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No. 1

No. 1 — Available in any width and any wood. Shown in 3″ profile in quartersawn white oak (Oxford Oak stain), 2″ profile in birdseye maple, 3/4″ profile in Honduran mahogany (Brown Mahogany stain)


No. 1 drawing frames

No. 1 shown in narrow profiles used for drawing frames and cap moldings on compound frames. Shown (left to right): 1″ in quartersawn white oak (Medieval Oak stain); 1″ in birdseye maple (Guild Brown stain); 3/4″ in quartersawn white oak (Van Dyke); 5/8″ in Honduran mahogany (Brown Mahogany stain).


Framed Examples—

William Keith painting

No. 1—4″ on oil painting by William Keith, “Mt Hood.” Oil on canvas, 24″ x 36″. Frame in quartersawn white oak (Dark Medieval Oak stain)


Framed Richard Lindenberg painting

No. 1—2-1/2″ in quartersawn white oak (Medieval Oak stain) with pale gold slip on 9″ x 12″ painting by Richard Lindenberg

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No. 1000 "Basic Aurora" — 3 cornersNo. 1000 “Basic Aurora”

Same profile as the No. 1, but with mortise-and-tenon joints.