No. 2 + Cap 15 CV Special + Sub 17 CV Special

Mitered Frames—Compound

WIDTHS: Available 3-1/2″ and wider.
WOODS: Available in any wood.

The possibilities for carving patterns are infinite. May also be made as a flat, as on the painting shown.

No. 2 + Subframe No. 17 CV Special + Cap No. 15 CV Special

No. 2 + Sub-17 CV Special + Cap-15 CV Special. Available in any width 3-1/2″ and wider, and in any wood. Shown at 4-1/2″ wide, in quartersawn white oak (Medieval Oak stain). View large…

Whole frame

Whole frame in 4-1/4″ profile (+ 1/4″ gilt slip) for 14″ x 18″ picture, in quartersawn white oak (Saturated Medieval Oak stain). View Large…