Drawing Frames and Other Narrow Moldings (Mitered)

dfs-gen'l-5cnrs-webDrawing frames are profiles 1-1/2″ and less in width. Since most, but not all, of our mitered frames are available in these popular widths, we’ve simplified your search by gathering on one page only the mitered designs available in narrow profiles. (Adirondack and mortise-and-tenon frames — except for Nos. 4101 and 4201are available in all width categories, including drawing frame profile widths.) Drawing frames are typically used in combination with mats (which should be wider than the frame) on prints, photographs, diplomas, drawings, and other works on paper. Wider ones also suit very small paintings. Narrow profiles are often used as well in combination with other, typically wider, moldings to make Compound Mitered frames and Cassettas and Compound Auroras; some, in fact, are primarily used this way.

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