Thos. Moran (1837 – 1926), “Grand Canyon of Arizona, from Hermit Rim Road”

1912. Lithograph, 26-1/2″ x 35″ image size. Framed in Compound Mitered frame No. 2.4 CV—4-1/4″ + cap No. 15.14 CV—1-1/2″, in quartersawn white oak (Medieval Oak stain) with flat gilt slip with carved cove. (Approximate outside frame dimensions: 43″ x 52″)

A wonderful historical print by a premier American landscape painter. The challenge in framing this piece was to balance the refinement and rough and wild subject matter. We were (as we always do) considering the spirit of the picture as much as anything. The slope was chosen to enhance the spectacular perspective, with a cap molding detailed at the corners to echo the jagged canyon rim. The carving on the cap molding and the sight edges of the frame and the slip pick up the textures of trees and rocks, and also provide a complement to the uncarved portions of the frame.

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