In Response to the Coronavirus

Due to the coronavirus emergency, the physical frame shop and Gallery
are open for pick-up and delivery only. We are handling these transactions
in our parking lot at our side entrance. Please call in advance.
We continue to serve our customers by phone and email, using our extensive website and skills developed over many years to provide mail order custom framing to a national market—and now to our local market.

The doors are closed, but the lights at Holton Studio are lit—if mostly electronically. We’re using the website, email and answering the phone! The site is current and being updated. If you’re at home feeling closed in these days, and could use a new window on a beautiful landscape, please have a look at The Gallery. Do not hesitate to call to purchase paintings and ready-made frames and mirrors. UPS is going strong, so we are able to ship.

We also, as always, offer gift certificates. I emphasize these especially for anyone looking to help us navigate immediate economic challenges. (There’s nothing wrong with buying one as a gift to yourself!) It would be very helpful to us and much appreciated.

As for our main stock in trade, custom frames and framing, this is in fact an excellent time for those of you both local and afar to contact us to work together to design your framing for your pictures—even though we’ll have to wait things out before filling those orders. We’re thankful to have put in long hours over the years, building up the website as a design tool and resource for you, and developing our skills in handling custom framing design by email (I’ve gotten pretty good at Photoshop!) and delivering our product by mail order. For the time being, these skills will allow us to serve local customers as well. But if you’d rather wait a bit on your custom jobs, again, keep in mind those gift certificates!

Please make your inquiries by calling us at 510/450-0350, using the contact form
in the left hand column, or emailing us at

And we will look forward to seeing you in person when conditions improve.

In the meantime, please take care of yourselves, your families and neighbors!

Another Way You Can Help

If you’re looking for ways to be helpful to the Berkeley community and businesses of Berkeley, we recommend donating to The Berkeley Relief Fund.