Framing Edward Curtis’s “Kutenai Duck Hunter”

We recommend framing “Kutenai Duck Hunter” close in mitered frame that’s very quiet in form, and at about 3″ wide. The No. 3o8 “Curtis”—3″, below, is an excellent choice. We recommend quartersawn white oak with Medieval Oak stain. More on framing photos close…


“Kutenai Duck Hunter” framed close in No. 308 “Curtis” —3″ in quartersawn white oak (Medieval Oak stain)

If you like framing close but would prefer to see the margins, including the plate mark and title and text under the image, you can frame it as shown below. While the idea of seeing the text is appealing in some ways, I find the artistic beauty of framing all the way up to the image much more unified and compelling.


“Kutenai Duck Hunter” framed close, but showing margins, in No. 308.2 “Michigan”—2-5/8″, in quartersawn white oak (Medieval Oak stain).