Kevin Courter

Kevin Courter made his debut at our Gallery in the fall of 2009 as part of the group show, “A Heaven in the Eye.” A Bay Area native, Kevin enjoys a stellar reputation among working California landscape painters. His exceptional interest in tonalism as well as in picture frames makes him a natural fit for Holton Studio.

In these paintings he is very aware of design in composition and the use of negative space. This can be seen in his moody moonlit paintings with eucalyptus trees. The other side of Kevin’s brush is a painter of local color. These paintings reflect color, light and mood and yet, the tonalist is still there.

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2017. Oil on linen, 12″ x 8″. Framed in Compound No. 1.3—2 1/4” + Cap. No. 400 BC—3/4” in quartersawn white oak (Dark Medieval Stain) with gilt slip. $1,950.

Summer’s Eve

2017. Oil on linen, 8″ x 12″. Framed in custom mitered frame No. 290.0.1 BC—2 1/2” in cherry (deep red brown stain) with gilt slip. $1,950.

Autumn Grazers

2015. Oil on panel, 8″ x 10″. Framed in #143 cv—2-1/2” walnut (Nut Brown stain) and a 23 kt slip. $1,760.

Pumpkins & Cornstalks

2012, Oil on panel, 12″ x 16″. Framed in No. 328 in quartersawn white oak with Medieval stain, 2-3/4″ wide with a 3/8″ cove shaped liner with 23 kt gold. $2,795.